Vumero can leverage its world-leading network across Sports and Technology. Vumero was founded by investment bankers.

Aligned Interests

We work exclusively for sports entrepreneurs, never for buyers or investors. This approach enables us to completely align incentives with entrepreneurs while avoiding the inherent conflicts of interests that arise when representing both sides of the table. While we have developed good relationships with buyers and investors over our firm’s history, our lack of financial dependence on buyers enables us to push for great outcomes for sports entrepreneurs.

Operational Experience

Vumero was founded by investment bankers with a world-class network in sports and technology. The Vumero team is comprised of professionals with both investment banking and start-up experience. Our bankers have founded, raised capital for, and sold businesses, which helps us effectively position our clients’ businesses in the market. Since we understand technology at a deep level and have operating experience, we provide advice that helps entrepreneurs achieve the best possible outcome. For example, Vumero owns the Sports Analytics World Series, the world’s largest conference events program in 9 countries for 6,000+ people focused on Sports Data, Digital and Sports Technology.

Negotiation Framework

We believe bankers should be paid for getting good outcomes, not for existing relationships. Our proven negotiation framework enables us to significantly improve initial offers and ultimately yield outcomes without market precedence. We believe that a competitive process and shifting the conversation from financial models to strategic fit drives great outcomes.