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Zion Williamson Is The Best College Basketball Player In At Least A Decade

Ten games into what will almost certainly be his lone season in Durham, Duke’s Zion Williamson has treated college basketball like a rim on a breakaway. Which is to say, he has left it trembling. Read Full Article



How Data Analytics Is Revolutionizing Sports

With the ever growing amount of resources being put towards analytics and technology, all sports from basketball to soccer are reaping the extensive benefits.  Read Full Article



SAP launches data-driven sports technology in South Africa

South African and African sports teams gained access to the same technology used by the German football team in their successful bid for the 2014 FIFA World Cup at the launch of SAP Sports One, setting themselves up for major improvements in the future of South Africa in international competition. Read Full Article



SyncThink Eyes to Leave an Analytical Footprint at CES 2019

Neurotechnology company SyncThink is planning to show how analytics can play a key role in diagnosing concussions and monitoring an athlete’s vision and brain functionality at CES 2019 in Las Vegas in January.  Read Full Article



Wearable technologies in esports bring opportunities — and challenges

Due to the different skill sets needed for traditional sports compared to esports, impactful wearable technologies have yet to catch on. Expect this to charge in 2019, led by Australian company HUMM Technologies. Read Full Article



Upcoming Sports Analytics World Series Events for 2019

May – Amsterdam, Netherlands

June – Toronto, Canada

August – Melbourne, Australia

September – Tokyo, Japan

October – Dallas, USA

November – London, UK

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