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What Reddit Can Tell Us About NBA Fan Bases

With more than 11 million comments made from January through October, /r/nba is the third most active subreddit, trailing only /r/AskReddit and /r/politics. FiveThirtyEight dissect activity based on user team allegiance. Read Full Article





Data Analytics Makes Tennis Players And Umpires Better But Will It Destroy Human Element?

With the continued advancements of all professional sports, the question has to be asked where technology belongs and doesn’t belong in sports such as tennis.  Read Full Article




David Stern built the modern NBA. Now he wants to change how we consume sports.

Imagine, the former NBA commissioner says, if virtual and augmented reality could allow TV viewers to switch camera vantage points at will, so that we’re suddenly hanging out next to a quarterback as linemen close in. David Stern is looking to new technology to develop the fan viewing experience. Read Full Article




Inside FC Barcelona’s Open-Source Plan to Spur Soccer Innovation

A few hundreds yards from the practice field of FC Barcelona’s first team sits a nondescript, medium-sized office. Inside, executives are trying to craft the future of soccer, building on an innovation strategy they hope will impact not just Barça, but the entire sport.  Read Full Article




Lies, damned lies and statistics: The confusing analytics of the NBA’s 3-point obsession

The 3-point shot has become more and more popular in today’s NBA. This season, the average NBA team shoots roughly 31 3-point attempts, about two more than last season and a whopping 13 more than the 2009-10 season. In some ways, it has taken over the sport. But has it destroyed it? Read Full Article




Upcoming Sports Analytics World Series Events for 2019

May – Amsterdam, Netherlands

June – Toronto, Canada

August – Melbourne, Australia

September – Tokyo, Japan

October – Dallas, USA

November – London, UK

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