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Big Data Is The Future Of Esports

Just as it did with traditional sports, the collection, analysis and use of all kinds of data is beginning to change the way that competitive games are played and understood. Read Full Article





David Stern Talks Sports Betting, NBA Tech and His ShotTracker Investment

Former NBA commissioner David Stern and ShotTracker co-founder Davyeon Ross joined Bram Weinstein on the SportTechie podcast to chat about ShotTracker’s growing integration into basketball, and how sports betting will impact the viewing experience for NBA fans.  Read Full Article




How the Swans are trying to eliminate recruiting bias

The Sydney Swans spent this year trying to eliminate bias from its recruiting in a bid to give the club an edge over rivals at draft time. Data, statistics or numbers – whichever phrase computes best with you – are becoming increasingly prevalent in sports worldwide, with the AFL frantically playing catch up. Read Full Article




Patrick Mahomes Is Proving That QBs From Gimmicky College Offenses Can Succeed In The NFL

When the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes, experts had doubts about Mahomes’s NFL future. It wasn’t personal; it was the high-flying college offense Mahomes played during college and the doubts it would translate to the pros.  Read Full Article




ONE Championship Launches ONE eSports With Demetrious Johnson As Chief Brand Ambassador

ONE Championship, the Singapore-based martial arts organisation, has announced the launch of a new eSports division called ONE eSports , beginning operation in 2019 with it’s newly acquired poster boy, Demetrious Johnson. Read Full Article




Upcoming Sports Analytics World Series Events

USA Sports Analytics & Technology Conference | Dallas TX, November 15th, 2018 | Tickets Available – Click Here

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