Australian Start-up Showcased on the World’s Biggest Stage!

GAMEFACE.AI powers Tedial’s SMARTLIVE automated event logging for live sports.

The product will be showcased at IBC 2018 at Tedial’s stand 8.B41

Sydney, Australia: GAMEFACE.AI, the leading AI sports analytics start-up out of Sydney Australia, has developed a proprietary AI platform which analyses sporting match footage for key events and insights in real time.

The International Broadcast Conference, held in Amsterdam from 14 – 18th September, will mark the official global debut of GAMEFACE.AI’s powerful AI engine on Tedial’s SMARTLIVE product.

The Gameface AI engine tracks players, events and objects to break down every aspect of the action in real time. Through Gameface’s platform, Tedial will be able to track all football elements including game set pieces, goals, corners and free kicks but also many new actions, some many thought impossible, such as key events including fouls, tackles and injuries automatically, and in real time.

All events, actions and outcomes are captured via Gameface’s platform without the need for wearable data devices or additional broadcast infrastructure.

“This automation reduces production costs and boosts revenues for production companies,” said Jalaluddin Shaik, GAMEFACE.AI’s CEO.


SMARTLIVE, a comprehensive live event solution for remote logging, PAM support and automated storytelling, leverages AI tools and provides 100 per cent compatibility with existing PAM systems like EVS and SAM. Using a unique metadata engine, SMARTLIVE automates media logging, clip creation and distribution, including social media pitches.

During events, live data is ingested, and Tedial’s SMARTLIVE can be configured to automatically create clips based on actions, keywords or logged occurrences. SMARTLIVE automatically pushes content to GAMEFACE’s AI engine which analyses the content in real time and comes back with markers for events as they occur. The system can then automatically publish clips or push content to social media platforms.

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GAMEFACE.AI is a leading global AI analytics start-up based in Sydney, Australia. The team behind Gameface has developed a proprietary AI platform which analyses footage for key events in real time, without requiring any wearable devices or additional broadcast infrastructure.

Gameface are winners of the “Game Changers Start-up” award at the Sports Analytics World Series 2017 and is an alumnus of Australia’s leading tech accelerator, Startmate.

In addition to groundbreaking broadcast partnerships such as with Tedial, Gameface have signed number of global sports customers including Cricket Australia.

“We empower broadcasters, rights holders, sports professionals and teams with the ability to analyse play behaviours using archived and live content. This allows us and our clients real-time, intelligent data to make strategic game changing decisions,” said

Jalaluddin Shaik, GAMEFACE.AI CEO.


About Tedial
With 18 years of technology leadership, Tedial is a leading provider of Media and Content Management solutions designed to maximise business efficiency and profitability.

Its multi award-winning Media IT platform, Tedial Evolution, provides global media companies and broadcasters next-generation MAM and business driven media workflow.

Tedial supplies the world’s only fully end-to-end IMF compliant MAM solution, marrying media preparation and logistics into a complete supply chain, and a single workflow “Version Factory” that delivers thousands of media versions from a single asset. For 2018 Tedial innovations includes a Sports event tool that supports and extends production systems from industry leading vendors. Tedial Evolution is designed to reinforce a collaborative working environment and drive workflows for linear, VOD/OTT and live event services.

Tedial is global company with consistently, successfully delivered large and complex MAM/Content Management systems.



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