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Cricket Australia partners with AI sports analytics start-up

Cricket Australia are looking to the future, forming a new partnership with Gameface — a leading global AI sports analytics start-up, and winner of the KPMG Game Changers Start-Up Competition from the 2017 Australian Sports Analytics Conference. Read Full Article





Player Valuation: Putting data to work on transfer market analysis

The KPMG Football Benchmark team has provided a high level analysis of the 2018 summer transfer window for the European “big five” leagues (English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga) and explains how a better approach for player valuation can benefit all industry stakeholders. Read Full Article




Cheer Smarter: Using Advanced Metrics to Analyse the Cost of Being a Sports Fan

Allegiance costs money. So, how can fans reckon their emotional attachment with the financial decision to support a team? Professor Amit Bhattacharyya  from Berkeley says data is the answer. Read Full Article




How Tiger Woods Finally Put It All Together Again

FiveThirtyEight break down how Tiger Woods managed to finally regain his place as the best in the world of Professional Golf. Read Full Article




Deep Diving With Data, Content and US Expansion With Genius Tech Group

Melbourne-based sports data platform Genius Tech Group has signed a deal with DraftKings to supply data insights and analytics to users of its online betting service. We recently interviewed co-founders Nathan Rothschild & Jared Hopper about what this partnership means for them moving forward. Read Full Article





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