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Using data to pick the perfect seat at Dodger Stadium

Using a 3-D Rendering Program, Joe Fox has been able to create a virtual diagram of Dodgers Stadium to better distinguish the best seats to choose when going to a game throughout the LA Baseball Season. Read Full Article





Bayern Munich, Siemens set to start sound-mapping the 12th-man effect at the Allianz Arena this season

In the latest technological endeavour for the Allianz Arena, they’ll be partnering with both Siemens and The Economist Group to implement sound mapping technology to try and convert energy into visual effects. Read Full Article




Red Steps, Tennis Analytics and How IBM Watson Supports the USTA

IBM’s technology program manager, John Kent and USTA’s general manager of player development, Martin Blackman have established a partnership using IBM Watson to analyse factors such as how players stop and restart their lateral movement during a match, called Red Steps.Read Full Article




How Augmented Reality Is Propelling Iowa’s Sports Coverage

The University of Iowa’s athletics department already offers what many consider to be one of the stronger apps available in the college sports digital space. Now, the Hawkeyes are adding an entirely new element to their digital playbook, an augmented reality platform the team is calling Xtream HawkVision. Read Full Article




Assessing the Fallout – Good & Bad – From Nike’s Kaepernick Ad

If Nike’s goal with its Colin Kaepernick ad was to get attention, mission accomplished. The sports retail giant has stolen the spotlight in the sports world and beyond with the ad, which is largely seen as Nike supporting National Football League players kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial inequalities. But the business payback for Nike remains in question. Read Full Article





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