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SyncThink uses VR analytics to examine sports athletes for possible injuries

SyncThink, which uses a virtual reality headset to perform neurotechnology and brain health analytics, has announced the release of expanded software capabilities to its platform, which will be utilised in addressing deficits that place athletes at additional risk of injury. Read Full Article



Player tracking data is next step in NFL’s analytics revolution

In the NFL, teams have held player tracking information on its own players, but never opponents. Earlier this past offseason that changed, and the NFL is about to embark on its first season and full offseason of clubs having the full league’s worth of player tracking information at their disposal. Read Full Article



Arsenal’s most significant recent signing will never step on the pitch

With the exit of long-time manager Arsene Wenger, Arsenal looks set to begin and embrace a new era with the help of their own personal analytics company, StatDNA. Read Full Article




Are super-nerds really ruining US sports?

Former MLB player Jayson Werth is the latest athlete to complain that data and analytics are taking the joy out of sports. Can numbers live alongside the individual brilliance of players? Read Full Article




Real Madrid Signs A Fictional Player From FIFA 19, Showing How E-Sports Is Changing Sports Business

Though Real Madrid may have lost Cristiano Ronaldo, his virtual replacement is ready to step in. Real Madrid has looked to video games in order to boost fan engagement. Read Full Article




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